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5 things you should definitely pack when travelling

Often, when we are traveling we find ourselves searching for something in the nearby stores when we actually have it at home, but never thought of packing it, of course, things like extra underwear might be too obvious to have on our list, but we will cover the important stuff.

1 Wall adapter/power strip: We live in an era where not having a mobile device of some sort is unheard off, and having a wall adapter is necessary, and even better are those with different tips to use with you android, apple and other devices. And having extra outlets is good too, so a small power strip is nice, the good thing is that you could have all of those in one package.

2 Dry bags: Not those disposable plastic bags that tear apart easily, but some sturdy dry bags could keep your stuff from getting wet when is raining or when at the beach. They could also be useful to store your dirty shoes away from the other stuff.

3 Duct tape: Packing the super useful duct tape never hurts, it may come in handy to repair tears in the luggage, securing containers prone to spillage, or covering power outlets if you are travelling with toddlers.

4 Accessory organizer and the stuff in it: Scissors, nail clippers, tweezers are things that you should have when travelling, not only for hygiene and grooming, but in other situations, like getting a splinter, for example. Having them loose is not a good idea, and a small organizer will help.

5 Med kit: A mall med kit may come in handy, if does have to contain all the thing we have at home, a few band aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain killers is usually enough. But you could also add multivitamins is you thinks you will not be eating enough and some antiemetic if you are travelling by boat, or get motion sickness easily.

A business without high investment: Handmades

Almost everyone knows this story: Someone made something as a gift or something like that, other people started saying “you should sell them”. Handmade goods are always being bought since not everyone wants mass produced things.

The question is, how to start?.

The first step is look for validation, see if people like the stuff that you do and how much are willing to pay to acquire them, if it cost too much to produce and not many people are willing to pay those high prices, is better to look elsewhere, or how to reduce the production costs.

The validation can come from family and friends, but got to be careful, they might not be completely honest, so you have to take that into account, be realistic.

After that, is time to expand, your classmates, coworkers, neighbors, are a good start. At the same time you should be evaluating the revenue, is it worth your time and effort? Or the profits are too low.

Now you need to prepare yourself in order to keep expanding

Are you able to keep the pace of your orders? If you take too much time to complete order, they may stack and, when you least expected, you have hundreds of unsatisfied customers.

You also have to prepare yourself, will you be able to do the same thing over and over without losing motivation or lowering its quality? Some people will also complain about your product, and you have to handle that without blowing up or letting it crush you.

Seek for ways to optimize the production, buy in bulk, hire workers to do the simple or repetitive tasks, and try to streamline your work.

Keep expanding. The internet is a great choice, open up an e-store, use the several websites used to sell products. Create and manage social network pages to show the world who you are and what you do, doing all this, you ensure to never be out of work, and avoid possible frustrations.

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Accounting, one the pillars of new businesses

There are many things a new entrepreneur has to learn when starting a new business, and one of them is accounting. Many are scared away by all the financial documents they have to do in order to, well… keep things in order.

The truth is that a proper accounting provides a clearer view of the success, and is necessary when dealing with the legal and tax aspects of the new business.

Many of the new business use the most basic method of accounting, money that goes in, money that goes out, and it usually works when the business is small enough, but once they start to grow and expand or search for investors, there are other things to take into account.

Financial Forecast

This is an estimate that uses the historical accounting data plus other external indicators to do a guess of what will happen in the future. Investors and lenders seek for this data to choose whether they are going to invest in the business or not.


A budget is important in everything that involves spending money, and a business is not the exception to that. Having a budget helps to control where the money is going, to make sure that is not being expended in things that are unnecessary. They also help to keep track of the profitability that the business has.


Accounting is arguably the only reliable way to determine a business profitability. It may seem as simple as subtracting the expenses form the revenue, but, if there’s a nice precise accounting is easier to keep track of the expense that are not so obvious, like taxes, salaries and bonuses.

Accounting turns that fuzzy vision of the enterprise and turns it into nice and organized numbers that are easy to measure.

Are you a new traveler? Learn this

Do you retire? Save enough money to go on a journey through the world? Or simply want to visit some place you’re never been before? Then this is for you, we will be explaining some tips that will help you stay safe, make better decisions, and possibly save money.


The first thing you want to do is research, where would like to go? How is its weather? What kind of food they eat? How much will it cost you? All of these questions and more you should ask yourself and others to get as much information as possible.

The internet can make thing easy, you could ask people that live there or other travelers, but do not settle for only one opinion, try to seek as much as possible so you don’t encounter any surprises.


Of course, without money it would be very hard to go anywhere, therefore you need to calculate how much money do you need, make a budget so you don’t spend it all in a few days, and always have backup, you never know what could happen.

And you need to protect that money, find out which are the areas with high crime rate and avoid them, try to use cards, since they are safer than cash, and, if you do carry cash, do not keep it in a single pocket.


If you eat anything that’s in front of you, you will probably have a bad time, international food, specially ethnic will have ingredients that are unknown to us so we might react different.

On the other hand, if you are too picky about what you eat, you will find yourself in situation where you don’t like anything that’s on the menu. You have to find a balance. Another good advice is to carry snacks with you, and maybe even some multivitamins if you feel that your nutrition might be lacking.

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Do you have a digital marketing strategy? Start one now!

We live in the digital age for a reason, more than 40% of all the people in the world have access to the internet, and if your business has a digital marketing strategy, you could potentially reach to almost half the population on the earth, just think about it.

And those numbers are growing year after years, so having a digital marketing strategy is a must. We are going to share some advices that you could follow when creating or improving your strategy.

Interactivity and visual parts

A Huge wall of text might be attractive for some, but the truth is that most people rather an audiovisual interaction, like videos, infographics and such. And with the ever increasing bandwidth, loading videos has become effortless. So it is good that you have videos on your website or social media.

That’s why the experts recommend that the traders use the Bitcoins as a temporal investment and not like a permanent one.


A lot of time you go to website searching for something, and you can’t find it within a few clicks, this is a mistake, as it may drove away visitors to other websites. You have to try to make your content easy to reach and understand.

Of course, it is better if you explain everything to your clients, without living room for doubt so that they feel confident in making the decisions that will benefit you.

Mobile and new technologies

Mobile devices are well, mobile, people could carry them to anywhere and most of the time, have access to the internet, so it's only logical to think people spent more time on the internet through their mobile devices than their home computer so having a website optimized for this is necessary.

And the new technologies always cause a buzz that you can take advantage of, like virtual reality or wearable technology, which would fall under the category of interactivity.

Now, get to work and start developing your own digital marketing strategy.

How to stay motivated in your business

Many times people that are starting a business lose the motivation, and let fail at the encounter of an obstacle, and the truth is the lack of motivation is one the main reasons why people fail at anything.

We are used to seeing “new year’s resolutions”, people want to lose weight, make money, start a business, a most of the time they start doing well, but as the time passes they lose motivation, and eventually doing what they’re doing.

When you have a business is even more important, since your motivation will be reflected to your employees or partners, so what are the secrets to stay motivate as time goes by? Well, we are about to explain some of them.

Set short term goals

You may have long-term goals, and that’s excellent, but some people may see them far away and not be too excited about them. Instead, if you set short-term goals or milestone, it gets satisfying when you reach them.

Be careful tough, those goals should not be that easy to get, or else they will get monotonous.

Try something new

When you direct your business into a new direction, or simply changing certain methods, it feels like a fresh start, which increases the motivation as if you were starting again. And besides, the more you learn about your line of work, the more optimal your performance will be.

Get a mentor

Chances are that you are the mentor of your employees, but, who’s mentoring you? Having a mentor works as motivation booster since you want to self-improve to reach his level. A mentor doesn’t have to be someone you know, you could read books, watch interviews or speeches.

Work on yourself

If you focus too much on your business it could lead to unnecessary stress which drowns your motivation. Find time relax and work on your health, you will feel better and it will reflect on your work.

Learning a new skill? Follow this advice

Do you always wanted to play the piano? Archery? Eating a pomegranate (without making a mess)? Well, a lot of us have a skill that we wish to learn, but maybe we think that our time is simply not enough.

But in reality, you’d be surprised how easy is to progress when learning a new skill, if you are consistent and challenge yourself constantly. And it is beneficial, it improves your mood, helps the brain to stay young, and impresses other people, how neat.

You may ask, how do I learn a new skill? Most people answer to that: practice, and this is completely true, but the point is how to practice, well, scientists have tested a new method of learning a new skill, which we will be explaining bellow.

Memory reconsolidation

When you are learning a new skill, essentially you are consolidating a memory of how to do certain tasks, the more you consolidate it the easier will be to do it, since you will require less focusing, and the harder will be to forget it.

But, with reconsolidation, you are telling your brain that said skill can be adapted so that, when you increase the difficulty or add new things, is easier to master them.

The study divided a group of people into three groups, the first one practiced a task two times a day, the second, two slightly different tasks a day, and the third one only practiced once a day. The third group, of course, was the worse, their speed and accuracy when performing the task was 25% worse than the first group. But the performance of the second group actually doubled that of the first group.

So there is it, when trying to learn o new task, you should not practice the same thing over and over, but instead, modify your training routine so that your brain has the need to adapt, causing memory reconsolidation.

Millennials are quitting from their Jobs

Millennials, that generations of people born between 1980 and 2000, characterized by being tech savvy, their usage of the internet, their ambition and that need to be considered important. Those traits are driving them to become independent and quitting their jobs to find something better.

Economist keep track of the number of people quitting their jobs, since it is a good indicator of how strong is the economy. If people feel secure that they could get a better job without spending too much time unemployed, it usually means that the unemployment rate is low and the economy is strong.

The fact that millennials usually know the things happening through the use of the internet, are more aware of the state of the economy, the multiple jobs websites, the need to feel that their work is meaningful, and the easiness to start a business, contribute to more and more of them quit their jobs to seek for something better.

In a survey, 66% of the millennials said that they hoped to have a different job in the next 5 years, 44% said that in less than 2 years, if there were no raises or promotions, they would quit, and 25% said that, given the opportunity, they would be more than willing to quit their jobs to do something different.

It was concluded that Millennials seek workplaces with good leadership, where they can develop their skills in a flexible environment, something that gives purpose to what they’re doing.

It’s true that it may seem harsh, but millennials are prone to be more independent, and are ready to jump the ship to go to a better one if it fits their own professional goals. And they may be right, in fact, in the US, the rate of people getting hired reached a peak since 2006.

Reflink: http://www.bitcoinearner.info/?r=Your_Address